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Determinants and reasons for low coverage of modern family planning in the Mugonero District Hospital catchment area

Effective birth control is a key intervention in developing countries to achieve sustainable development goals. The United Nations (UN) reported that in 2015 the percentage of married couples using any form of contraceptive was 64.0%, and the average in Africa was 33.0%. This study aimed at assessing and determining factors associated with the low uptake of Modern Family Planning (MFP) Methods.

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Factors associated with preventable hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in term neonates

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is a type of brain injury that occurs when the brain doesn't receive enough oxygen or blood flow occurring during pregnancy, labor and delivery or in the postnatal period. This study aimed at determining factors associated with preventable HIE at Kacyiru Hospital in Rwanda.

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Prevalence of occupational noise induced hearing loss among wood and metal workers of Gakiriro, Kigali city

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (ONIHL) describes an acquired hearing deficiency which is caused by excessive workplace noise exposure. But little is known in the developing world where many cases of SNHL are primarily due to excessive noise working areas.

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Medical citizen outreach programs as Rwanda Defense Force homegrown solution for health challenges in Rwanda

RDF medical Citizen Outreach Programs (COP) roots into the preparation of Rwanda Liberation struggle in ends of 1980s that meant national liberation struggle as overthrowing genocidal regime and socio-economic transformation of Rwanda. Therefore, patients benefited specialized healthcare to sustainably uplifting their welfare. Medical COP yearly intervenes in treating mental and physical health problems troubling survivors of Genocide against Tutsi in all districts of Rwanda.

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The quality of pre-operative preparation of patients undergoing elective surgery at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali, Rwanda

Pre-anesthesia preparation is essential for safe surgery. However, little is known about the quality of pre-anesthesia preparation in Rwanda. The objectives of this project were to evaluate the quality of pre-anesthesia preparation at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) and to determine areas that need improvement.

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Perception of healthcare service access, rapidity and healthcare provider-patient communication at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali.

Healthcare industries have seen recent movements towards continuous quality improvement and patient satisfaction which were put into metrics used to measure the quality of health care services. Our objectives were to determine the levels of services delivered and to measure the satisfaction of patients and family’s perceptions of the quality of healthcare services at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK).

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